REINSTATEMENT- przywrócenie do pracy

HR English

Have a look at the below HR vocabulary with re-prefix. Let's match part A with part B (definitions).

A                                                B
    REWORK RATE           

A/ Moving employees to positions where either their talents can be used to their
own and the organization’s advantage or where they can perform
the work at the required level.


B/ A means of achieving gains in productivity. The strategy aims to redesign business and work processes,
organizational structures, organizational policies, and resources. It involves the application of just-in-time
inventory controls to all phases of a company’s operations and using such techniques as empowerment,
restructuring assembly lines and offices, establishing work teams, and training employees in multiple skills.

REMODELING C/ The process of generating leads for a new idea or solution to a problem
by changing the existing form of a concept, object, or idea.

D/ Permanent relocation of refugees in a place
outside their country of originto allow them to establish
residence and become productive members of society there.    


E/ A quality control indicator. Identifies the number of products or services
that are substandard and must be reworked, fixed,
or remedied as compared with the number produced initially.


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