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Have a look at some expressions connected with bonuses and incentives. Match the phrases with their meanings.

income tax       statement

a document which shows the amount of an employee's earnings and tax deductions.
accounting and tax treatment when an employer shares its profit with employees as a part of an incentive/motivation plan, determined by an agreed upon formula.
stock bonus a scheme designed to encourage high performance and productivity over a long period of time. The employee who fulfills specific conditions may be awarded company shares at no cost or a cash bonus. Company shares are the common incentive, and they are often distributed in half shares. Half are given immediately, and the other half are awarded after a certain date
stock options the right to buy and sell company common stock (ordinary shares) at a stated price by a specified date. Stock options are customarily a part of executive compensation package.
profit-sharing the methods used to account for and tax income, expenditure, shares, assets, etc.
variable performance bonus free company shares, usually given to employees as a reward for past performance, however the employer's contributions are not necessarily based on the firm's profit.
long-term incentives a remunation system where pay increases are linked with good performance or reaching performance targets. In the system some or all of their monetary compensation is related to how their performance is assessed relative to stated criteria.
performance-related pay a reward provided as a result of the high performance of a department, division or individual. Popular in the sales industry, paid for meeting a specific goal and targets.

1 a
2 e
3 f
4 d
5 b
6 h
7 c
8 g

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