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Read the passage on turnover analysis and complete the gaps with a missing preposition.

of (x2)                  with                      for                         in                          to

People leave jobs _________(1) a variety of different reasons, many of which are wholly outside the power of the organisation to influence (such as retirement) but there are also factors that are causes of voluntary resignations. Among  voluntary resignations we can find push and pull factors. Push factors tend to be a great deal more prevalent than pull factors because very few people appear to leave jobs in which they are broadly happy in search of something even better.

With push factors the problem is dissatisfaction __________(2) work or the organisation, leading to unwanted turnover. A wide range of issues can be cited to explain such resignations. Insufficient development opportunities, boredom, ineffective supervision, poor levels of employee involvement and straightforward personality clashes are the most common precipitating factors. Organisations can readily address all of these issues. The main reason that so many fail to do so is the absence ___________(3) mechanisms for picking up signs of dissatisfaction. If there is no opportunity to voice concerns, employees who are unhappy will inevitably start looking elsewhere.

The opposite side of the coin is the attraction of rival employers. Salary levels are often a factor here, employees leaving in order ___________ (4) improve their living standards. ___________(5) addition there are broader notions of career development, the wish to move into new areas of work for which there are better opportunities elsewhere, the chance to work with particular people, and more practical questions such as commuting time. For the employer losing people as a result of such factors there are two main lines of attack. First, there is a need to be aware ___________(6) what other employers are offering and to ensure that as far as possible this is matched – or at least that a broadly comparable package of pay and opportunities is offered. The second requirement involves trying to ensure that employees appreciate what they are currently being given. The emphasis here is on effective communication of any ‘unique selling points’ and of the extent to which opportunities comparable to those offered elsewhere are given.

(HR Management 2005, D.Torrington, adapted)                      

of 3, 6; with 2; for 1; in 5 to 4

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