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Fill the gaps with one of the following words.


JOB __________(1) refers to organizing tasks, duties, responsibilities, and other elements into a productive unit of work, in order to achieve certain objectives. One of approaches for designing or redesigning jobs is to simplify the job tasks and responsibilities. Job simplification may be appropriate for jobs that are to be staffed with entry-level employees. However, making jobs too simple may result in boring jobs that appeal to few people, causing high turnover. On the contrary, there are concepts widely known as motivating techniques than can be implemented in order to avoid dull, repetitive or uninteresting tasks.

One of these techniques is JOB __________(2) that involves broadening the scope of a job by expanding the number of different tasks to be performed to make a job less boring. This approach is often criticised on the basis that the enlarged job tends to consist of multiples of the original task and nothing of any significance.

Next, JOB __________(3) is increasing the depth of a job by adding responsibility for planning, organizing, controlling, or evaluating the job in order to create meaningful and interesting work. This approach may well expand the job to include supervisory or managerial functions and elements of decision-making.

Further technique that can break the monotony of an otherwise simple routine job is JOB _________(4), which is the process of shifting a person from job to job.

Another alternative used is JOB ___________(5), in which two individuals perform the work of one full-time position.


1c 2b 3d 4a 5e

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